'KidSafe' Youth Firearm Safety - 2 hours​  - $19

      This class was created to help keep your children safe.  Whether you own a gun or not, there is a possibility that your child may come in contact with one. We want to make sure that your child has the knowledge of what to do in that situation. This class is meant for children ages 8-13 and will give them  firm foundations of gun safety and good decision making around firearms.  We believe in this class SO much that we offer it at half price! 

Missouri CCW Firearms Safety - 8 hours​ - $75

     This is the class required to obtain your Missouri CCW permit.  This class includes firearms safety, Missouri laws relating to self-defense, weapons, and the 'Castle Doctrine' as well as a live-fire qualification.

'Tough Chicks' - 4 hours​ - $59

      This is our women's self defense class with a bit of a twist!  You can think of this as a safety conscious "night out with the girls!"  We get started with some wine and cheese and discuss situational awareness, defensive tactics using open hand techniques, pepper spray, even stun gun and Tasers!  We move into learning some basic techniques to use to get you out of a dangerous situation.

Introduction to Firearms - 2 hours​ - $39

    This is our basic firearm training class. It is tailored for someone that has little to no experience handling firearms, but is a great refresher course about firearm care, safety, and maintenance. This is a great class to take for someone interested in getting their CCW license, but has very little hands-on time with a firearm.   There is no live-firing done in this class. 

NRA® Basics of Pistol Shooting - 8 hours - $99

     The NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting is intended for all individuals regardless of previous shooting experience or NRA-affiliation. You will receive direct instruction from an NRA-certified instructor conducted in a classroom and at the shooting range.

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Emergency Planning for the Family - 3 hours - $59 

This class will focus on preparing yourself and your family for the day you hope will never come.  Learn how to deal with natural and man-made disasters, learn what to keep in your survival bag, and learn the skills to keep you and your family alive when disaster strikes.

Personal Safety & Defense - 3 hours​ - $39

     This class focuses on staying safe and secure no matter what situation you may find yourself in. We work on open hand defensive tactics, discuss less-than-lethal weapons, discuss advanced training options, and doing what it takes to make sure you get home safe at night!  This covers everything up to lethal force.  There is no firearms training in this class, however, this is a great class to take for people who either have or are interested in their CCW license.

Illinois CCL Firearms Safety - 16 hours​ - $199

     This is the class required to obtain your Illinois CCL permit.  This class includes firearms safety, Illinois laws relating to self-defense, weapons, and the 'Use of Force' laws as well as a live-fire qualification.

Advanced CCW Class - 4 hours​ - $69

     This class is meant for current CCW/CCL holders and will focus on advanced concealment techniques, drawing from concealment, real-world scenarios, and advanced legal issues.